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Sports Illustrated owes Mario Testino a great deal of gratitude for discovering its 2008 cover goddess and one of its all-time-favorite models. Born in Santa Cruz, California, on August 6, 1978, Marisa Miller met the world-class photographer on SoCal's Manhattan Beach. Shortly afterward, she was turning up in the pages of Vogue and Elle.

Marisa's ascent happened fast. Her first SI Swimsuit edition appearance, in 2001, secured her a place in the industry, and led to work with global brands like Victoria's Secret, J. Crew, and Tommy Hilfiger. Magazines also sought out her remarkable beauty, and Marisa has graced the covers of Self, Shape, and British Cosmopolitan.

True Religion's newest face made a cameo on HBO's Entourage and appeared on The Best Damn Sports Show Period after winning its Smokin' 16 poll for Best Damn Beauty of 2007. The stunner also showed her business savvy when she launched a sneaker and sandal collection for Vans in July 2008.

Marisa's hard work extends beyond her talents as a model. She's extremely dedicated to humanitarian efforts, and in 2005 she participated in the Fashion for Relief benefit to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina. As an ambassador for the American Cancer Society, Marisa specifically focuses on raising breast cancer awareness among women in their twenties. She is also an avid surfer, so serving as a spokesperson for the Surfrider Foundation—a nonprofit dedicated to protecting and preserving the world's oceans and beaches—is a cause near and dear to her heart.

Marisa loves spending time with her family. Her mother and sisters are nurses, and while Marisa says nursing is a career she may pursue after her modeling days are over, we don't see that happening anytime soon.

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Teri Hatcher’s Botoxy forehead vein will haunt your nightmares

Justify FullHow lucky are you? You get to BotoxFace stories in one day! This story is slightly less offensive (to me) than the Cindy Crawford one, though. Cindy’s filler-and-Botox offends me because she used to be so pretty, and if she had let herself age naturally, I honestly think she would look much better. As for Teri Hatcher… well, she’s been doing junk to her face on and off for years, and she lies about it (specifically, she lies about how much she actually does do it).

So these are new photos of Teri over the weekend, hosting a fancy celebrity yard sale, the profits of which went to St. Jude’s. Great cause, neat idea for a fundraiser, so I can’t bash her for that. However, as CB pointed out, Teri’s forehead vein is very close to packing up and quitting this bitch permanently. Do forehead veins ever do that in real life? Like, just freeze permanently or stop working entirely? I wonder…

Anyway, I just thought you might want to feel better about your presumably natural aging process today. CB doesn’t like me to write too many Botox stories because she thinks we might be coming across as ageist. My take is always this: It’s not ageism, but I am becoming more and more anti-jacking, anti-Botox, anti-filler. There are only a few women who manage to get minor “adjustments” gradually and modestly, but most of these women are just destroying their faces, and it’s sad. Also, I just hate it when celebrities lie about it.

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